When your husband is in a country far, far away

Saturday morning, and you are only going to buy some small stuff at the store. Off you go with the kids. The shopping goes smoothly, and you even take the chance to buy two packages of scout cookies (for the first time, and since the sale ends in two weeks). Load the car, buckle up both you and the kids and turn on the engine. If it had not been for that clicking sound. No strong power engine in this car. A feeling of being stranded. Reach for the cellphone, but of course you left it at home. This one time you needed it. Sending a thought to the husband in a country far, far away. Pump up the kids: “Well, isn’t this a great adventure! Let’s walk somewhere and see if we can rent a car!” After some walking, you spot the Enterprise logo on a sign not too far away. Which is exactly what you need, since the youngest son just realized he definitely need to go visit the rest room. You arrive a quarter after the rental car place closed, but for some magnificent recent it is still open. You get a fancy car that you do not need to insert a key in to start. How in the world are you going to turn off the engine?? You figure that out. Back to your old car, load the car seats into that new car, send off a little prayer that no cockroaches – more known as towing trucks – will take your car away. Home. Call that husband of yours in a country far, far away and ask him what to do. Call a friend, who happened to be not to far from that shopping mall. So before you call AAA you decide to see if you can jump start the car. Since you know that the battery is no good, maybe a little push from another car can help? Realizing you need a little push somewhere yourself. Thinking about the battery you bought Wal-Mart one year ago, and realize you should never expect to get quality batteries from Wal-Mart.  Home to reload your own batteries. Strong coffee combined with a very cold AC can make miracles. Vacuum clean the home. Make the beds. Decides to buy take-out for dinner, since you are having an extra kid tonight.

Boy, do I look forward to an hour of SNL later tonight. I’m putting my kids to bed early tonight.

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