Getting used to Lund, part one

Nollning, directly translated into “Zero-ing” is something very Swedish and something very weird. Every fall when new students arrive at the university, they need to prove themselves in something similar to the rites of Heads and Skulls. Or, not really, but you get the picture. So it is not at all unusual to see a student bike in his underwear, holding a sword and wearing a medieval helmet. Not rare at all, but still hard to explain for two blond boys trying to adapt to being Swedes.

These two mentioned boys have discovered Pippi Longstokking. And they are in love. It is cute, but I hope they do not tell their friends too much about her, since you normally hang with her when you are younger.

It seems like wherever I move in this world, I have a hard time to blend in. My Scandinavian accent, more obvious at first and less in the end, gave me away in America. In Skåne, my stockholmska makes me an outsider. Oh, and my clothes – very hip in Texas, but not so over here where black is always the new black.

Lucky me, I have both my kids at an international school in Lund. Where everyone is used to being from somewhere else, and can chat about the advantages and the disadvantages of being new in Skåne. Everybody stands out and everyone blends in. And all I want is for someone to tell me where to pick mushrooms. But finding a Viking willing to reveal his or her mushroom paradise is by definition impossible. So next week, after I have dropped the kids off at school, I will go forest hunting. All by myself, with my knife (do not worry, it is for cleaning that mushroom I intend to find) and my basket. And don’t you dare ask me where I went. I am that much of a Viking.

2 thoughts on “Getting used to Lund, part one

  1. Pilar

    We miss your pictures of the boys and your company…
    Pippi is great!
    The never ending summer is over us again….

  2. I am me. And I approve this message. Post author

    I wish I had that never ending summer of yours! I actually miss breaking a sweat walking the five meters from the home to the car. It is already freezing cold here (Texas freezing) but lucky us – the house has a sauna!

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