(Don’t you) Forget About Us

Houston, we have a problem. And it’s big. We will miss you and your wonderful people.

Some time ago, the husband was offered a position in the Southern parts of Sweden. We decided to jump on the offer, which would bring us back to family and friends on the other side of the pond. So in the end of July we will head back to Sweden again. It is of course both exciting and very sad at the same time. We are grateful to all our friends who has taken care of us during our time here, and we hope to come visit soon again.

I hope to keep in contact with you all through facebook, instagram and who-knows-what-they-might-invent. This website is unfortunately mostly in Swedish, but you are most welcome to visit and look at pictures. Who knows, I might feel an urge to express myself in English after moving back to the Viking country again. And should any of you ever go to Sweden, you are obligated to contact us, so that we can pay back a little bit of all the hospitality we have experienced over here.

Hasta la vista, Houston! Hope our roads crosses soon again…




2 thoughts on “(Don’t you) Forget About Us

  1. Pilar

    Wow Tove! Congratulations!
    When are you moving?
    Let’s get together before, please.

  2. nancy

    hey there
    all the best.
    Both your boys are delightful.
    God bless

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