Att inte sälja en bil

Sett på, en gratis variant av Blocket här i USA:

Old glory for sale $750
I will be honest with you, the car is old; like a mangy dog – but the AC still works! Check engine light is on and it has not been driven since June, when the inspection sticker expired. Give it a tune up and it will run like a champ, or should I say, “escape like a champ”?. The car has never been used for smuggling, contraband, immmigrant smuggling, running red lights, illegal street racing, poaching or bank robberies. Don’t worry, there are no bodies in the trunk.

My motto is: “As is, as is.” Car image availble upon request.
Contact me via email, I would leave my cell phone but I am afraid of being contacted at 3 in the morning.

Kommentar: Vi köpte aldrig den bilen.

2 thoughts on “Att inte sälja en bil

  1. Katarina

    Haha, det var underbart! Ett sån kap 😉

  2. Tove

    Eller hur ;-). Han/hon hade i alla fall humor…

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