Summertime, and the livin is easy

After spending some magnificent days in the Finnish archipelago, enjoying the ocean and all what comes with that, my head is now constantly spinning around our new life in Lund. Tomorrow we will load the truck and head down south. A new start in a town I hardly know, and I suddenly feel completely like a grown-up.

Though there are things that needs to be taken care off before tomorrow, all I crave is to get our in the forests and enjoying some good old Swedish Allemansr├Ątt. Which means that in Sweden you can walk in any forest and pick whatever berries, mushroom or flower you’d like, as long as they are not specifically protected by the law. Very different than in Texas. I would not have dared walking into someone else forest starting picking berries.

But we will see. For now I am trying to figure out which company to choose for electricity supply. That, however, is like riding the wildest bull on the rodeo.

And by the way, though everyone in Sweden thinks the weather right now is warm, it really is not. But lucky me, our new home has a sauna.